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The TMS laboratories offer an extensive range of specialist inorganic and organic analysis services. Our skilled and experienced laboratory team offer clients a valuable resource to support their in-house teams and can also provide essential support services where clients do not have in-house testing capability. We have a broad service capability which includes the following.

Laboratory development

We have assisted several clients with setting up their own in-house testing facilities and then offer back-up support when staff are on leave. Projects have included the complete development of an in-house specialist testing laboratory which required research in to methods and instrumentation, specification and sourcing of instrumentation and supplies, preparation of Standard Operating Procedures, Method validation and recruitment and training of a new analyst to work in the clients laboratory. This challenging and significant project was undertaken over a period of 18 months. Projects have also been undertaken over shorter time frames such as a 3-month project to select a new analytical method and develop protocols for the client staff to implement in their own laboratories.

Specialist analytical services

For infrequent use of methods, it may not be cost-effective for a client to maintain proficiency in a method or indeed to set-up and validate the method. Our team can develop and validate client-supplied or standard methods and then provide the testing services to support client R&D;, QA/QC and product release activities. Examples of method types where we currently offer this service include solvent and catalyst residue testing, as well as specific EP/BP test methods.

Staffing solutions

We can provide experienced analytical personnel to provide support on a temporary, part-time or secondment basis. We have previously provided this type of support to clients in the pharmaceutical, chemical and waste sectors.

Once-off analysis projects

We welcome enquiries about unusual or once-off analytical requirements and have extensive experience of assisting clients with projects of this type. As an example, we assisted a client with researching a new analytical method for an important constituent of a product so that the client could cease using a radiochemical assay at their laboratories.

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