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We have extensive experience in providing services relating to environmental & occupational noise, vibration monitoring and assessments to industry, developers & local authorities.

Accurate and appropriate monitoring is essential to allow noise and vibration assessments to be reliably executed. Our engineers and scientists use modern, high-specification instrumentation in order to carry out noise and vibration monitoring surveys and our consultants are experienced in advising on noise and vibration matters.

Typical applications of monitoring data include the following:

  • To assess noise nuisance in accordance with BS 4142 Method for Rating Industrial Noise Affecting Mixed Residential & Industrial Areas
  • To determine noise levels generated by construction sites and to advise on control measures in accordance with BS 5228 Noise Control on Construction & Open Sites
  • To measure environmental noise from an industrial site as a requirement of ISO 14001 Environmental Management System, or for determining compliance with planning permissions, IPPC or Waste Licences
  • For assisting land developers with applications for permission and completion of Environmental Impact Assessments
  • To establish worker exposure to noise and advise on control measures if required
  • To assess worker exposure to hand-arm or whole body vibration and advise on control measures if required

We have in-house capability to offer the full suite of testing and monitoring services and our consultants can advise on management and control strategies.

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