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Testing of compressed gas delivery systems is required for GMP accredited facilities. There are a number of Standards which define the acceptable Quality Standards for gases used for various purposes including EP, USP, BP, GMP, BS and ISO Quality Standards. The most appropriate standard and associated quality specification is usually dependent on the industry type, the nature and intimacy of gas/product contact and the ultimate product end-use and specification.

Our consultants can offer a complete service ranging from advice on the design of gas monitoring programmes to the most appropriate standards for different situations and our experienced monitoring teams can carry out the specialised surveys required for compliance assessment.

We offer a comprehensive range of services which include the following:

  • Clean room monitoring
  • Particulates – particle counts and mass/volume
  • Oil and hydrocarbons
  • Moisture and dewpoint
  • Microbiological organisms and sterility testing
  • Gaseous contaminants and purity testing

We were the first company in Ireland to offer this highly specialised testing service and we continue to be the only Irish company with in-house capability to offer the full suite of test services required for various regulatory environments.

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